Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Dokuwiki is smarter than I am

In a previous episode, I was moaning that I couldn't get my DokuWiki RSS feed to display using the RSS parser - it was my wetware which was not up to the job!

I'd configured this Dokuwiki to disallow any anonymous access - and the RSS generator (feed.php) was correctly showing all the items which the anonymous user was allowed to see - i.e.none!

I didn't realise this until I'd downloaded the latest stable DokuWiki and ported the hacks I've applied to it, then patched my installation - which obviously did not fix the problem.

In the meantime, I've created a new user with read access to the entire wiki - then changed my RSS wiki syntax to pass the auth details:


Apologies to the DokuWiki team!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Site Up

I've setup a website for my daughter's business (well the whole family are involved really). Its at http://www.ralstonrats.co.uk

Does DokuWiki eat its own dog food?

In the last exciting episode I wrote about my troubles setting up blogging/RSS in Dokuwiki - I eventually gave up and installed Serendipity to handle this.

Having done that, I've now gone full circle and am publishing the blogs as an RSS in DokuWiki. I wanted to provide a single news list, so I had a look at integrating the 'recent changes' feed from DokuWiki on the same page as the serendipity blog - however the DokuWiki RSS feed works with every reader I've tested except the one built into DokuWiki!!!!