Friday, 23 March 2012

Back online

Well, after some digging around I've gone with PCLinuxOS. Flightgear and Google Chrome are available on this. It's significantly faster than Fedora, even though I've switched back to a 32 bit OS (from x86_64). I'd previously installed PCLinuxOS on my daughter's laptop and been impressed with the results.

I've gone with larger fonts (must be getting older) than I had befoe - which combined with the bright colours of KDE makes it a bit cutesy - especially with the MacOS type window decorations.

Kmail still uses Akonadi - but unlike on Fedora, it's not using a mysql backend - and its not maxing out one the CPUs. Still has quite a big footprint - but again no apparent way to switch it off.

I fired up Thunderbird and added the ExportImportTools extension. This still does not support Maildirs - but it was simple to export my mailboxes from kmail and import tham in Thunderbird. The latter integrates rather well with KDE, but it is a bit ugly (unfortunately there are very few themes currently available for v11).

BTW for anyone else wanting to export a mailbox file from kmail...although there are some scripts out there on the internet to do this, if you've got a running kmail installation, all you need to do is select the emails, right click and 'save as...' to export a mailbox format file.

So I'll continue looking for an email client which supports multiple identities / SMTP and POP servers, is lighweight and not ugly. I suspect I'm going to have to wait for a nice Thunderbird theme. I suppose I could write, I've got enough half-baked projects for the time being.

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