Friday, 24 October 2014

Nothing Nowhere - Thanks Orange

I've had the same mobile SIM (and number) for least 12 years from Orange - a basic PAYG account. In recent years my work has provided me with a contract phone, but I keep the Orange SIM in an charged phone and top up the credit every so often - formerly using scratch cards, more recently via ATMs.

This weekend I'm stuck in the house and needed to add some credit - surely I must be able to do that online? So I find the site, and yes, I can top up online but first I have to create an account - ho hum - a bit of a hassle, but I'll play along. I type in my details, they send a text to the phone with an activation code. I don't know why I can't make an anonymous online top up via the internet when I can do this at any ATM. But surely just a few clicks and keystrokes and I'll get there.


First the registration process process fails to redirect to the account. Then When I do eventually get logged in, I can't do anything unless I provide the 4 digit PIN code they say they sent me when I registered the phone. WTF?

So I click on the "I don't have my PIN" link - it says to call 450. I call 450. I then spend around 10 minutes pressing buttons trying to find my way through their IVR, then just when I think I'm getting near to my destination I get disconnected. I try again. 10 minutes later disconnected again.

FFS, Orange I'm trying to give you money!

So how do I contact them via the website? Is there an email address? No. Is there a form I can submit a request to? No. The only option appears to be to call a mobile number (which I can't do without any credit on my phone).

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