Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ripped off by Mill Motors, Paisley

In January, I bought a used car from Mill Motors (4 Linwood Road, Paisley). The car had a serious fault which I reported to them within the 1 month guarantee period (confirmed by the official Saab dealership) and Mill Motors said (by phone) there was nothing wrong with it, that they were going to do nothing.

I thought I would be able to get some resolution to this since:
1) it specifically contravenes the sale of goods act
2) I paid for it on my credit card

So I've been chasing Mill Motors, Trading Standards and my Credit Card company for 4 months, trying to get some restitution. But Mill Motors refuse to put anything in writing - and as a result Trading Standards won't do anything, and neither will my credit card company.


Lessons learnt:
1) never buy a used car from Mill Motors
2) if I ever get mugged, I'll be sure to get a receipt from the mugger for my credit card company.

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