Saturday, 6 February 2010

Not quiet times

It's been a while since my last post since $ork, in their wisdom have blocked access to a huge list of sites including this one. While my exorcising my demons in public does not directly improve my productivity - it does provide a release (a few of my colleagues have expressed a concern that I may go postal at any moment - having been privy to some of my recent frustrations!).

Anyway, to catch up.....

Car / Mill Motors (Paisley):
1) Trading Standards were worse than useless, waiting for their advice cost me several weeks which could have been better spent on other things. The advice they gave me was incomplete and substantially wrong in several places.

2) The Credit Card denied all responsibility - so I went to the Financial Ombidsman - who agreed that there was a problem with the car, and that the Credit Card company should have resolved this.

The end result is that I got a full refund for the repairs.

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